Cross-Server Dungeons Coming to WoW

Eurogamer is reporting that Blizzard will introduce cross-server dungeon grouping in World of Warcraft in a future patch, possibly v3.30 and before the release of the Cataclysm expansion. According to the report, the technology will allow for parties of up to five individuals, however there will be support for larger raids later on, according to Blizzard.

The cross-server gaming will draw players together as seen with the current queue system used in the player-versus-player Battlegrounds, yanking them from the same pools of servers--aka Battlegroups--in their region. "The feature will make it much easier to find "pick-up groups" to run dungeons with, and reward the leader of a successful group," the site stated.

  • Raid3r these guys are scum...they see a little wain in their players and they bring what should have been broughten years ago.. pathetic.
  • daship
    Impressive. I'm on a slow server and quit cause how hard it was to get a dungeon group going.
  • imspecial
    Bout damn time!
  • lancelot123
    YEAH! Shame on them for making their game better! Who do they think they are?! /sarcasm
  • grieve
    This is a great idea...

    I havnt played wow since my ban 3-4 years ago for botting but i can imagine this will make finding a group much easier, especialy late @ night.
  • ckthecerealkiller
    I'm glad someone is finally doing this with a mainstream MMO.
    I'm not sure if this has been done before or not but it certainly hasn't been done recently or with big name titles. I have always wondered why and now developers will have almost no excuse to try it.
  • shadowryche
    A worthy idea, to bad it will only increase your exposure to idiots. Wait two hours to find a group, join instance, and everyone quits.
  • ice_mountain_
    the whole point is so that you don't wait 2 hours. more like 1 to 5 minutes like for battlegrounds
  • zachary k
    how about less servers! this is why i play eve, one sever. if someone else is like "hey i play eve" its never oh different server, cant ever do anything together, ever. there are a lot more reasons why i play eve, but that a different news topic.
  • ssalim
    Really good idea. Should have done that long ago.