Sledgehammer Games Shows Off Multiplayer Trailer For 'Call Of Duty: WWII'

The Call of Duty franchise always makes a prominent appearance at E3, and it did so again this year during the Sony PlayStation event when Sledgehammer Games showed off the intense action from the upcoming multiplayer gameplay in Call of Duty: WWII.

The trailer was full of explosions and gunfire to rival a Michael Bay production. Those of us in the Shrine Auditorium were treated to additional immersion as nearly every explosion in the game was accented with pyrotechnics on the stage. 

You’ll fight enemies on the open fields, in trenches, and bunkers with a wide array of weapons, which include flamethrowers, assault rifles, and grenades. In addition to infantry combat, you can also control tanks and planes to take out a small cluster of opponents.

Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

When you play online, you can choose to join one of five Divisions, and each one has its own “specialized training and weapons skills.” Sledgehammer Games also revealed a new game mode called War Mode, where both side must work together to complete multiple objectives on the map. 

Call of Duty: WWII is coming out on November 3. For those who want to play before its release date, you can pre-order it and get access to the private beta, which starts on August 25 on the PlayStation 4.

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  • joz
    Wait, let me guess. Someone ordered a rush World War 2 game to compete with Battlefield 1?

  • araczynski
    finally, after decades(?) I can play a CoD again.
  • jimmyEatWord
    do you know if there will be a beta for PC ? shame they only release their betas on PS4