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4K Resolution TVs Will Be Called ''Ultra HD''

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has announced the next TV resolution: Ultra HD, which previously was also known under monikers such as QuadHD, can be used for TVs that deliver at least 8 million active pixels via a resolution of at least 3,840 horizontally and at least 2,160 vertically. UltraHD displays will also have to provide an aspect ratio with width to height of "at least" 16 X 9, the CEA said.

"Ultra HD is the next natural step forward in display technologies, offering consumers an incredibly immersive viewing experience with outstanding new levels of picture quality," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. "This new terminology and the recommended attributes will help consumers navigate the marketplace to find the TV that best meets their needs." The UltraHD label is the result of a recommendation of the "4K" Working Group that was formed by the CEA earlier this year.

There was no information on the rollout of commercial devices and how those UltraHD TV sets will be offered. Let's hope that it will be less confusing than the rollout of HD, which introduced terms such as HD ready and HD capable, full HD, 1080p, 1080i, 768p and 720p, which had substantial differences and puzzled consumers and retail staff alike.

If you can't wait, 4K displays are already on sale and can be yours from about $25,000.

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