CeBIT 2008: Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium

Samsung is intriducing its Q1 Ultra Premium, which replaces the previous Q1 Ultra. While the device's basic design remains unchanged, Samsung has improved its usability. The buttons at the top edge of the unit are larger and stand out a bit more, making them easier to use. (Compare Prices on Q1 Ultra Tablet PCs)

Larger buttons make the Q1 Ultra Premium easier to use.

The Q1 Ultra Premium is a speed machine. According to Samsung the new model is up to three times as fast as its predecessor. The reason is simple - instead of the 800 MHz A110-Stealey CPU that was previously used, the new model uses a 65 nm Core 2 Solo CPU with 2 MB of L2 cache running at 1.50 GHz.

Better performance comes at a price, though, and in this case it is higher power consumption. Intel rates the CPU at a TDP of 5.5 Watts, where the A110 only needed 3 Watts. This is why Samsung equips the Q1 Ultra Premium with a larger battery. The lithium-polymer battery has a capacity of 58 Wh which should translate to about 78 hours of battery life.

The remaining feature list is identical to that of its predecessor, including 1 GB DDR2 RAM, Bluetooth 2.0, and WiFi (802.11b/g). Hard drive capacity has increased to 80 GB.

Samsung at CeBIT 2008: Hall 26/Stand D60

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