CES 2018 And Tom's Hardware

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Friends, it's that time of year again, when way too many people descend upon Las Vegas to showcase, sample, see, and write about the latest in consumer tech. If you think it's impossible for the vast American desert to feel crowded, you've never been to CES.

As always, we'll have a team of Tom's Hardware editors on the ground in Las Vegas, scouring the many, many, many official and unofficial CES venues to discover and dish about new gear from industry titans, brand new startups, and all companies in between. We'll also have our eyes peeled for emerging technologies and any other enthusiast PC-related oddities that we think you'll be interested to read about.

There are already goodies aplenty we can't tell you about yet because of embargo agreements, but believe us, you'll want to stay tuned. You can keep track of everything we produce from and about CES here on our CES tag page (yes, there's already a number of CES 2018 articles there), and of course follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep apprised via social media, too.

Tonight, it begins.