CES 2006: Highlights of Saturday's coverage from TG Daily

This is when you'll start to find the non-keynote companies attempting to seize their turn in the spotlight before somebody shuts the spotlight off. Tim Higgins discovered what may end up being one of the most important news items to have come from the show: The 802.11n specification may, at long, long last, finally be at hand, with discussions among members of the Enhanced Wireless Consortium having come to some fruitful conclusions. We discovered Samsung's little jewel peeking out from the back of a display, a WiMAX-enabled notebook computer that might very well command 300 Mbps wireless transfer speed. And we learned from Seagate - the company that will absorb Maxtor in 2007 - that there may actually be an "end of the road" for the ever-increasing capacity of common hard discs. Could you have imagined the day when half a teraByte might not be enough for consumers? Here now are the stories that made headlines from the floor of CES on Saturday, 7 January 2006:

Highlights From Day Four Of CES 2006