Google Chrome Laptop Now Comes With Stickers

One of the worst things about getting a new PC laptop is that it comes with all those tacky branding stickers sit on the palm rest. (Though we're sure that some people may love them since they can reassure the owner of just what brand of CPU and GPU are inside, as well as what kind of operating system is showing itself on the LCD display.)

The lack of branding made the Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebook a breath of fresh air. It was stark like a black MacBook, but it didn't come with any kind of glowing logo in the back.

For those who just love the stickers, Google is now including a sheet of the sticky things in with each of the latest Cr-48 shipments to testers.

Luigi Montanez got his notebook, which was exactly like ours, except for the stickers. He blogged about it, which lets us know exactly what we're missing.

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  • dan103
    one word: Wow
  • snoogins
    A bit like making your own computer and getting the stickers to your components.

    A step in the right direction I say.
  • joytech22
    Google if you don't send one of those to me in Australia (stop piloting on one land mass!), one day you'll regret it! I'll come knocking on your door with ideas and I won't tell you them!! And people tell me I have good idea's.