Colorful Announces iGame KUDAN, A Hybrid Cooled GTX 1080 Ti

Colorful announced the iGame 1080 Ti KUDAN, a factory overclocked GTX 1080 Ti GPU equipped with a custom PCB design and a hybrid cooler that occupies three expansion slots.

The Colorful iGame 1080 Ti KUDAN features a 1,657MHz base clock and 1,784MHz boost clock coupled with 11GB of GDDR5X memory running at stock memory speeds. Display connectivity consists of a single DVI-D, three DisplayPort headers, and a single HDMI display output. This graphics card is equipped with two 8-pin connectors for power delivery.

The new Waterspout Cooler II  is what truly sets the iGame 1080 Ti KUDAN apart from other highly overclocked liquid-cooled graphics cards, including the company’s recently announced iGame 1080 Ti Neptune W.

Starting with the triple slot heatsink, this hybrid cooler serves double duty as either an air-cooled heatsink, a liquid-cooled water block, or both. The copper cold plate attached to the GPU core, when used as an air cooled heatsink, transfers heat energy to copper heat pipes which, in turn, dissipate heat via attached aluminum fins cooled by the triple fans attached to the shroud.

When used in conjunction with the removable liquid-filled radiator, the copper cold plate serves as a water block that allows coolant from the radiator to flow through the block to bring GPU temperatures down even further.     

This is where things get really interesting. Colorful employs the use of quick-disconnect fittings on the radiator pump assembly, allowing you  the freedom to choose between liquid or air cooling. The company recommends powering down your system any time you connect or disconnect the cooling tubes. Although not mentioned specifically by the company, we would imagine that you should simply be able to plug the radiator / pump assembly into a fan control switch and turn the unit off and on without ever having to disconnect the tubing.

The iGame 1080 Ti KUDAN is also equipped with the company’s “one-key” overclocking function (via a BIOS switch on the I/O panel just above the uppermost DisplayPort header) that, when switched to the “on” position, activates a performance mode. The heatsink also features the iGame-Status Monitor LCD screen that displays real time core frequency, core temperatures, fan speeds, and memory use. You can customize the display via the iGame-Zone II software.

We reached out to the company for information on pricing and availability.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Colorful iGame 1080 Ti KUDAN
CUDA Cores3,584
Base Clock1,657MHz
Boost Clock1,784MHz
Memory Size11GB GDDR5X
Memory Data Rate11Gbps
Memory Bus352-bit
Transistors12 Billion
Texture Units224
Streaming Multiprocessors28
Power Input2x 8-pin
  • Virtual_Singularity
    Nice looking card, kinda steampunk thing it's got going on. Nothing against water cooling, though fwiw I'd likely stick with air cooled gpus/cpus, especially when it comes to aio's, though even the costliest custom loop can leak if vigilance in care isn't maintained, or even if it is for that matter.