First Elder Scrolls Online Content Update 'Craglorn' Detailed

The Elder Scrolls Online has only been officially released for a few days, but Zenimax has wasted no time in announcing the MMO's first free content update.  

Dubbed Craglorn, the content update will be Elder Scrolls Online's first "Adventure Zone." What does that entail? New storyline content for Veterans (level 50 players) with 4-player quests and 12-player Trials.  

"When you first enter Craglorn there's going to be a mystery that's set up," says creative director Paul Sage. "The constellations are missing from the sky and you're going to hear rumour of these beings called Celestials, and they are the Warrior, the Mage, the Serpent and the Thief, and how they're impacting Craglorn and what's going on is going to be what your group discovers." 

Additionally, the trials will be no cakewalk. "There's a lot of different monsters we throw at you, and of course there are boss monsters that have interesting tactics that you haven't encountered anywhere in the game before. And if all the encounters and bosses weren't enough, you have a timer that you're up against and you also have a limited number of resurrections that your group is allowed," said Sage. 

Players who make it to the top of the Trials leaderboard will be rewarded in some way, though the reward is unspecified. 

Craglorn will be available for all Elder Scrolls Online players sometime later this month.

  • patrick47018
    This is all well and good, however the price of the game is still outrageous, make it one or the other: subscription OR up front, not subscription AND up front cost..
  • ferooxidan
    make it non subscription and raise the initial price then we're talking
  • BoredErica
    I think every single ESO news item every put out will always have a line of people complaining about the cost instead of talking about what's actually in the article.
  • mamasan2000
    Yeah, what about fixing all the broken quests before shipping out new buggy stuff?

    And the account issues. People getting banned for Gold-selling left and right even though their gold is legitimate (moving gold to alt for example can get you banned). Then theres the fact they charge you 15$ as soon as you try to play the game.
    And those who bought imperial edition are still waiting on their copy of the game, a week later!

    Just read their forums. The whole thing is a mess.
  • elexor
    Even without the launch issues, the game isn't even a mmo, more like a singleplayer skyrim with boring unresponsive combat and spammy zerg pvp.
  • ubercake
    "...Zenimax has wasted no time in announcing the MMO's first free content update..."

    Free if you pay for the initial $60 buy-in and $15 a month:

    1st year: $60+(12x$15)=$240
    Subsequent years: $180
    3-years of playing ESO: $600

    Definitely not a free update.

    This is a brilliant pricing scheme. Must be a game like no other. These guys and the WoW people at Blizzard really know how to squeak the cash out of people.

    I guess you could consider content updates like a new game to be paid for, but to me, with these games you're just doing the same tasks over and over in different locations with different enemies; find 5 x and return to person x for reward or kill x and return to person x for reward.

    To me, it seems more enjoyment with these games comes from the social aspect between you and other players. You'd hope the subscription fee would keep most trolls out, but it doesn't always seem to.

    I think this game has the best graphics of any MMORPGs I've seen, but playing the beta I found it was much like other MMORPGs with regard to game content.
  • ya right
    is glad games like Path of exile and Neverwinter are still free to play !

    as a fan of the elder scrolls, lost my appetite for the series after playing sky-rimjob :/

    empty lifeless lump of dragon poop, eso sounds like they took the grafix and lore and thats it stirred it into the rimjob engine and served up a hot steaming loaf of turd.

    but then it's no surprise wen you change the team that made the good stuff for people who make pretty stuff with no substance.
  • Morbus
    It seems to me Bethesda have some weird notion that if they go subscription-free they'll somehow deserve (and get) less attention from the crowd, because, somehow, the game would be "just another subscription-free MMO".

    What they fail to realize is that their game will be "just another MMO" because it's crap, uninspired shovel-ware. The pricing will only make things worse.

    They haven't made a good game since Daggerfall, and even then it was buggy as hell, and, of course, developed by a completely different team.
  • the great randini
    I am a little disappointed the game so far. I can't belive how bad they dummied down the character selection to four choices.
  • NightLight
    i hope there will be a new singleplayer elder scrolls soon, because i won't pay to play online.