Cray XT Jaguar: 45,000 QC Opterons

Cray is no stranger to the supercomputing world — it’s practically the pioneer in the field. This week, the department of energy (DOE) announced that it has completed the setup of a new Cray XT Jaguar supercomputer that breaks all world records, claiming to be the fastest supercomputer on Earth.

The monstrous machine is made up of 45,000 quad-core AMD Opteron processors. As a frame of reference, that’s a mind boggling 180,000 cores. And here I am getting excited over my dual quad-core machine. In terms of memory, the XT Jaguar is outfitted with 362 terabytes (TB) of memory or 362,000 gigabytes of memory; enough to load just about anything.

Storage is handled by traditional hard drives instead of SSDs, but don’t boo. The XT Jaguar has 10 petabytes of storage. What’s 10 petabytes?—ten million gigabytes. At this point, people would usually say that that’s more than enough for anything, but even savvy computer users these days can figure out ways to utilize that kind of capacity.

The XT Jaguar has so much bandwidth and so much computing power that it can process a quadrillion mathematical calculations per second. Sustained memory bandwidth tops out at 578 terabytes per second and I/O bandwidth squeezes in 284 gigabytes per second.

Very fast to say the least.

  • Jim_L9
    Can I get one for home use ;-)
  • igot1forya
    What? No Crysis numbers? :)
  • So what kind of Crysis marks does it get?

    Will I require a water-cooling setup or will air cooling in my garage be enough?
  • joex444
    Slight correction: 362TB is not 362,000GB. This beast actually has 362,000GB -- that figure is correct. But you need to divide in base 2 to get to TB, not base 10. So this is actually 2^(-10)*362000 TB = 353.5TB.

    And since the DoE has this, what's the power consumption?
  • Pei-chen
    Isn't 578 terabytes about the same as IBM's current top performer?
  • jrabbitb
    If they wanted/needed more power could they OC this thing or is it already tweaked?
  • cablechewer
    In 30-40 years this will all fit in the form factor of an iPhone...
  • fatty35
    That would make a nice folding farm :)
  • 2GooDrumr
    My poor 3500+...
    Psh, I still love it :)
  • KupuAnd1
    Can they get me the user and pass so I can get in Remotely and play some games? Or watch some movies?