Crysis 2 SP Shootout: PC vs. Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Crysis 2 represents a new sort of game making philosophy for Crytek. The first Crysis was so insane that not even the highest-end of PCs at release-time were able to run it smoothly with all settings at the highest level. The first Crysis was a game that was definitely made to be best experienced on a desktop of the future.

Crysis 2, on the other hand, is a game that was made for the mainstream gaming PCs of today, as well as the console of five years ago. For those expecting the type of envelope pushing of the first game, it's a disappointment – but the flipside is that now everyone can play Crysis.

Now that the final retail version of Crysis 2 is out, now there's been enough time for a direct PC vs. console comparison. The good news is that the PC is still the best platform for Crysis 2. Even a computer running a GeForce 8800GT can pull ahead of the console versions in terms of resolution and smoothness.

If you have anything older than that though, the consoles match the PC experience very closely (though some would argue that it's the PC that's matching the console experience). Perhaps the PC can pull even further ahead when DX11 gets injected into the game.

Check out the handful of PC vs. console videos below. For the best effect, view them on YouTube and use the highest resolution possible.

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  • welshmousepk
    Both console version look terrible compared to PC (but better than most console games), so this isn't really offering any new info.

    More looking forward to DX11 and hi-res textures for the PC.
  • rantoc
    So this test just confirms what we already knew, the by todays PC gaming standards weak card from late 2006 outperforms the todays consoles in gfx in this title.

    Heck my old 8800 gtx is almost an ancient relic in PC gaming today and yet manage to beat the consoles in this title, i find it really amusing especially when some kids seems to believe their console is top of the line. Think again - You get what you pay for...
  • rantoc
    welshmousepkMore looking forward to DX11 and hi-res textures for the PC.

    Indeed, heard a patch is on the way from Crytek to the PC enthusiasts.