Bungie Reveals Record Book, Weekly Featured Raids In 'Destiny' Livestream

Last week, Bungie announced the “Age of Triumph,” the final live event for Destiny. This week, the development team shared more details via Twitch about what players should expect when the update arrives on March 28.

To commemorate the event, Bungie will release another record book, a 13-page list of achievements that you can complete for rewards. The accolades include different tasks for specific classes, Strikes, matches against other players in the Crucible, and even raids. (More on that later.) You can even finish an entire page of the book just by playing through the main campaign.

The more tasks you finish in the digital book, the faster you climb through its ranking system. Specific rank levels provide rewards in the form of emblems for your character. However, when you reach the top rank, level seven, you can claim your final reward, a shirt from Bungie with the Age of Triumph emblem and your online name emblazoned on the sleeve.

Because the event is all about remembering past content from the game, Bungie also upgraded its raid mechanic. Specifically, all raids can now be completed at the Light level of 390, which brings them all up to par in terms of difficulty. In addition, there will also be a weekly featured raid, which will include some challenges to make it even harder for players to complete.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be generously compensated for completing the tougher raids. This includes the return of weapons that you could only retrieve from completing raids. There are also some new rewards, too, in the form of gear and ornaments.

Before the update’s release on March 28, Bungie will host two more livestream events. Next week, the team will talk about the new weekly events, or "rituals." The week after that, the final event will cover the overall sandbox update to the game.

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