Dirk Meyer: AMD is NOT Up For Sale!

Last month Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said during an analyst meeting that the software company may purchase chip manufacturers without specifying likely targets. Ellison added that "silicon is important," and that the company was focused on building its intellectual property portfolio.

Speculations arose, causing shares of ARM Holdings Plc to rise 6.1-percent after the comment while Nvidia took in a nice 3.9-percent jump. AMD shares also shuffled thanks to growing rumors that Ellison had his eye on the second largest x86 CPU manufacturer, however AMD's CEO has now set the story straight.

"AMD is not for sale, but we are happy to listen to any proposal which is in the interest to our shareholders," Chief Executive Dirk Meyer said Wednesday during his keynote address at the Canalys Channels Forum 2010 event in Barcelona, Spain. Meyer must leave the proposal option open for shareholders as AMD is a public company.

Four years ago ATI CEO Dave Orton had a similar stance against an acquisition before AMD assimilated the GPU manufacturer for $5.4 billion in July 2006.

Wednesday AMD shares were up 5 cents (0.7-percent) to $7.03.

  • Darkerson
    I so hope oracle doesn't buy them. That really would be the nail in the coffin for AMD.
  • hellwig
    "We're not for sale because no one has made an offer, yet."

    Depending on the details, AMD shouldn't brush-off a potential sale. They could definitely use more cash to help their business, that $1.2billion Intel paid them off with recently only went towards debt. Although, I don't know what Oracle does with "silicon", but they just purchased Sun a while back, and they must get those Sparc processors from somewhere.
  • drwho1
    Love the girls, did not read, but love the girls!
  • sliem
    Hm, boobs are not for sale? what?
  • kronos_cornelius
    Hooray !
  • mavanhel
    "AMD is not for sale, but we are happy to listen to any proposal which is in the interest to our shareholders,"

    Isn't this what Palm said a bit before HP bought them out?

    Also, is it just me or does it look like the girl second from the left has really saggy boobs?
  • captjack5169
    AMD has been a tried a true CPU maker for me for many years I would hope they would stay they are, There doing a good job, and companies that make good products are hard to find.
  • amk09
    Speaking of silicon, that's a beautiful picture right there... ;)
  • Parsian
    AMD is the phoenix... It shall return to full glory in much larger market
  • scook9
    Good products are not hard to find, good products from good companies are hard to find haha

    as the companies are usually what turn people away and not the products