No More Discrete Chipsets From Nvidia

Santa Clara (CA) - Current and future owners of Nvidia's nForce 790i Ultra SLI and SLI chipsets own a piece of history: Nvidia confirmed to TG Daily that it is now focusing on delivering chipsets with integrated graphics.

Bryan Del Rizzo, Nvidia's PR manager for platform products told us that the company will be starting to implement graphics in chipsets by default beginning with the nForce 700-series for AMD. The manufacturer will be using the mGPU for HybridPower operation. "For example, the nForce 780a is a high-end motherboard with an integrated [graphics] core," Del Rizzo said.

Graphics chipset always has a low-end tone to it, but Nvidia's announcement does not mean that the company will stop creating high-end chipsets, but rather work on expanding the power saving features of upcoming desktop and notebook parts.

The goal of this move is also to connect a display through DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort or a similar cable directly to the motherboard. One, two, three or four discrete GPUs would provide 3D performance when required.

This approach could also address the rising issue of latency. The fact that the frame buffer will now be located at the same spot for all GPUs should actually benefit the consumer.