Learn To Chain Moves In 'Dishonored 2'

The last Dishonored 2 trailer we saw showed off Corvo in action, but the latest trailer doesn’t focus on one character. Instead, it shines a spotlight on how both Corvo and Emily can chain multiple abilities in order to creatively kill enemies.

One of Emily's most useful abilities is the Domino effect, which “links targets so they share the same fate.” Combined with the Far Reach skill, she can pull a group of enemies into an electrified gate. She can also use Far Reach to pull enemies into other traps such as the Springrazor, a mine that releases a small batch of shrapnel.

Emily can also create a Doppleganger of herself. Obviously, it’s used to distract and lure enemies, but it can also work as a way to escape danger. Combined with Transposition, Emily can switch places with her Doppleganger to gain an advantage in combat or to set up yet another trap.

As for Corvo, his trademark Blink maneuver received an upgrade from the previous game. With Blink Assault, he can “warp” towards enemies and surprise them with a push or kick that gives him the upper edge in combat. Corvo can also temporarily stop time with Time Bend, which allows him to set up an attack or to get past patrols. (The video ends with him using the skill to extract a target from a building.)

This is just a taste of what players can do in Dishonored 2. The first game allowed for multiple skill combinations as well, but with the new abilities introduced in the sequel, you’re bound to see more interesting and creative ways to get around patrols or take out enemies.

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  • Immitem
    I seriously hope that the blink melee attacks knock people out rather than kill them as I felt that the non-lethal options in the base Dishonored game were lacking. I heard that drop-down knockouts are now a thing which I felt was sorely missing from the first game.