Larian Studios Announced 'Divinity: Original Sin 2,' Kickstarter Campaign On August 28

Last year, Larian Studios introduced the latest installment in its Divinity series, titled Divinity: Original Sin. Sticking to its traditional top-down view, players were able to customize their character and explore a fantasy world full of monsters, companions, villages and magic.

The game was highly praised among critics and fans, and one year later, the development team wants to continue riding that wave with the next chapter, called Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Just like the first game, most of the funding will come from crowdsourcing, specifically on Kickstarter, with a date set for August 26. The formula worked well the first time around. When Divinity: Original Sin needed $400,000 of funding, fans gave generously to the tune of over $940,000.

Larian Studios hasn't announced a funding goal yet for the sequel. However, it's asking fans to visit its suggestion page and make requests as to what players would like to see in terms of rewards for funding the sequel. As an added bonus, those who attend PAX Prime, which opens two days after the campaign launches, will be able to see an early build of the new game.

For now, all we know is that the game will be using the same foundations as Divinity: Original Sin as well as the game's Enhanced Edition. This should reduce development time, but it also allows focus on smaller details in the game.

Other than that and the initial announcement, the developers are keeping the juicy details close to the vest. The crowdfunding drive is sure to reveal more details through video or screenshots. Tom's Hardware will also be at PAX Prime, and we'll be sure to spend some time with the popular RPG.

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