DIY Jukebox Jams Out With a Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Milkris/Reddit)

Raspberry Pi projects meant for kids are always a plus, as they get young minds excited about STEM. This DIY jukebox, created by a user known as Milkris on Reddit, was made for his two young daughters. It lets his kids jam out by using a Raspberry Pi as the main board of a radio-frequency identification (RFID) jukebox. 

The maker made the jukebox's case by hand with wood. It also features 3D printed designs on the outside. The end result is a finished box with a library of content available for exploring. 

This DIY radio is controlled with custom cards fitted with RFID chips. The kids can select a card with an artist, scan it on the radio and use the buttons to interact with the associated tracks. You can find a full step by step album of progress pictures on Imgur.

(Image credit: Milkris/Reddit)

You can make RFID cards for any kind of audio file, including audiobooks. The buttons on Milkris' DIY jukebox appear to be arcade buttons with 3D-printed toppers. They also control the overall volume of the device.

If you'd like to see more, be sure to follow Milkris on Reddit. There's a thread for this Raspberry Pi jukebox project with a little Q&A about the process.

Ash Hill
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