'Doom' Arrives May 13, Collector's Edition Includes 12-Inch Revenant Statue

In the past few months, id Software has been busily testing the new Doom in closed alpha sessions. At the same time, fans haven’t heard much about the game’s progress. That changed today with a new trailer and a fixed release date for the game: May 13.

The “Campaign” trailer features the same bloody violence that you would expect from a Doomtitle. You make your way through a facility full of dead bodies. Then, the horrifying monsters appear, ready to fight. As usual, you’ll shoot, punch, chainsaw and even curbstomp enemies. The trailer ends as you get crushed under a giant behemoth, and your legs are ripped from the rest of your body.

Doom Campaign Trailer

As expected, there is a pre-order incentive, specifically, the Demon Multiplayer Pack. The digital bundle includes six paint colors, a demon armor set (with three skin variations), three patterns for weapons and armor, and a set of consumable Hack Modules to give you the edge in combat. There’s also a collector’s edition of the game, which comes in a special metallic case. It also includes a 12-inch statue of the Revenant monster. The figurine stands atop a slow-spinning turbine (the turbine is also lit from below to give the Revenant an eerie lighting effect). The collector’s edition will cost you $119.99.

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  • BadActor
    That whole leg ripping off thing....looks a little painful.
  • dstarr3
    It's so hard to keep myself from getting excited about this game. It has every chance of being amazing. But it also has every chance of not.
  • beshonk
    I feel like one revenant statue is a let down. I expected an art book or some other paraphernalia as well.