The Crowds of E3: Welcome Back E3 of Old

Several years ago, E3 was bad. This was during the mid 2000's, when the ESA decided that E3 was too grand, too epic, and just too wild. The ESA moved E3 from downtown Los Angeles to several small buildings in Santa Monica, where game publishers were shoved into small booths. While this may have been good for media to get what they wanted out of the show, it was bad for publishers.

E3 became depressing, especially for veterans of the show. People were use to E3 in obscene proportions. Huge booths. Crazy lighting. Loud music. And ultimately, an overwhelming amount of attendees.

Thankfully, we can report that E3 is now almost entirely back to its original format. It was good last year, but this year it's even better.

Check out some of the pics below to see what we mean.

Did you go to E3 in the past? Are you there this year? Let us know what you think!

  • henydiah
    at least a lot of visitors who are interested :)
  • Maximus_Delta
    Welcome back E3, this is how it should be done.
  • gerchokas
    I'd pay the ticket from Patagonia just to attend to such an event... overwhelming...
  • lunyone
    How does one get into this kind of event? Just buy tickets for it? I would love to go with my son (who's 19 now:)).
  • BluntObjection
    lunyoneHow does one get into this kind of event? Just buy tickets for it? I would love to go with my son (who's 19 now).
    Visit find out everything you need about E3 except how awesome it is...Which requires attendance.
  • nebun
    some of the geeks really need to start shaving and cut their hair....i can't stand it when guys are trying so very hard to look cool, especially geeks
  • Derbixrace
    wow it costs 500$ to get a pass for all 3 days :o
  • nexus9113
    It's a media/industry only event. So unless you're a journalist or developer, tough luck getting in.
  • bill gates is your daddy
    Is E3 Expo 2011 open to the general public?

    E3 Expo is a professional trade event and is not open to the general public. Individuals who are not able to document their direct and current professional affiliation to the interactive entertainment industry are not qualified to attend.
  • velocityg4
    Did they bring back the booth babes?