EA preps in-flight video games

Redwood City (CA) - Electronic Arts, together with in-flight entertainment company DTI Software, today announced a plan to provide multiple airline companies with in-flight versions of their software, largely headlined by The Sims 2. Software from EA's Pogo.com will make up the rest of the initial list of available games.

In-flight video games are not entirely new, but they've previously been limited to 80's arcade style games with simplistic controls. EA breaks that mindset by offering The Sims 2 in built-in airline consoles. Pogo.com, which EA acquired in 2001, will supply the rest of the lineup, which fit the "casual game" designation that most non-gamers would be more interested in during a flight. According to EA, titles available at the outset will be Poppit, Word Whomp, Phlinx, Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Harvest Mania, Tumble Bees, Great Escapes Solitaire and Turbo 21.

DTI Software says that it is currently partnering with more than 60 airlines, a good chunk of which are international airlines including American airplanes that have service to overseas countries. Atari, Hasbro, and Jamdat are some of the video game publishers that already provide entertainment content to DTI-enabled consoles.

In-flight entertainment is becoming more crucial for airline companies. Specialized airlines like Virgin Mobile and JetBlue use their personal television and music service as a cornerstone for their marketing campaigns.