Asus Starts Shipping the Eee PC Tablet for $499

We've been talking about the EeePC T101MT for a while now. With a choice of Windows 7 Starter or Home Premium, the device features a 10.1-inch touchscreen display that swivels around to convert the netbook into a tablet.

The device packs Intel's Atom N450 CPU (1.66GHz) and and GMA 3150 graphics. There's the option for up to 2GB of DDR2, as well as a 320GB HDD, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 3 x USB 2.0 and an SDHC card reader.

Priced at $499, the device is in a similar price range as the Windows 7 version of the HP Slate PC and Apple's iPad.

  • kelemvor4
    Looks like the best tablet offer I've seen so far. I still say there's not much point in tablets period, though.
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    beats an iPad... by a multiple infinite.
  • apoq
    Whoa, if they could deliver a nice interface for the tablet mode then it would be one of the most interesting options out there. Also, it is going interesting to see how accurate the touchscreen really is.
  • Dkz
    Hum.. so let me check this idea..
    To make a good tablet.. you need to make a cool rotating screen netbook?
    No one see the fun in this?

    Charlie bit my finga! again!
  • back_by_demand
    Nice, but the exact reason I didn't want a traditional tablet
    A swivel hinge that is the first thing to break
    is on this

    I almost expected Asus to whip off the keyboard and stick the screen in its place, but hey ho, I can see millions of former netbook users buying this instead of the iPad
  • theholylancer

    and i got a acer aspire with touchscreen because the T91 didn't pan out at all and now they go and release a 10.1 tablet.....

    wtf.... now i feel cheated since I don't game that much with that 4570 aside from pissing off ppl during MW2's launch in class...
  • theubersmurf
    There were some reviews for this netbook that make the touch interface sound a little shaky on that tablet. It is pretty cheap though, and those reviews were a while ago. If they've polished/fixed the touch interface since then I may be interested. Though more than likely, I'll just buy a regular netbook if and when I do so.
  • tayb
    It ships with Windows 7 Starter. How are you supposed to take advantage of the multi-touch display when Windows 7 Starter does not support multi-touch.

    Also, I'm entirely not interested in trying to run Windows 7 on a single core CPU with crappy Intel integrated graphics and only 1 GB of ram.
  • triculious
    taybAlso, I'm entirely not interested in trying to run Windows 7 on a single core CPU with crappy Intel integrated graphics and only 1 GB of ram.That's usually what defines a netbook... you can take the thing anywhere, but don't expect to do a lot more than reading email, surf the web, watch a video or listen to music.

    And basically you don't need much more power than what is offered by these things to do that.

    If you want/need to do more the netbook market is not what you are looking for. Move along (but don't expect the prices to remain the same).
  • chess
    doesn't anyone else think $499 is a bit too expensive? I have a hard time spending that much money on something that lacks CPU power.