Comcast and Facebook partner to make "Facebook Diaries"

Comcast and Facebook are partnering up to gather and share user-created videos in a new television series. Starting in March, Facebook users can submit video diary segments which will be viewable on both Facebook and Comcast's site. The videos will also be viewable on Comcast's ON DEMAND service. Some of the best videos will be used in a new television series called "Facebook Diaries".

Facebook users will be able to upload, share and rate the videos while Comcast will provide the bandwidth. Once the contest starts, users will need to either join a Ziddio group in Facebook or by logging into itself. Unlike other video contests like Yahoo's recently completed talent show, video creators will not get any monetary compensation.

Diaries will be produced by Emmy award-winning producer R.J Cutler. The series will have ten one-half hour episodes and will air on both television and online.