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Nvidia Game Ready Drivers Available Ahead Of Hot Upcoming Game Releases

Nvidia announced that the latest WHQL certified driver package is available today, and it features optimizations for Fallout 4 (our hands on play-through is here), Star Wars: Battlefront and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

This November will mark the release of a number of highly anticipated games, and Nvidia isn't wasting any time getting geared up for each of them; the new driver is available now.

The GeForce Game Ready 358.91 driver is a WHQL certified driver package with optimizations for each of these hot titles being released this month. The driver is available now so you can be ready when Fallout and StarCraft unlock tomorrow. Star Wars fans can be prepared extra early as the game doesn't come out for another week.

In addition to the driver release, Nvidia has also posted a Fallout 4 Graphics, Performance and Tweak Guide on, as well as a list of recommended GPUs to use to play the game.

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