Ubisoft Shows Off 'Far Cry 5' Gameplay

Ubisoft revealed the next Far Cry game before E3, but the company finally revealed the first few minutes of gameplay footage. Unlike previous releases in the series, Far Cry 5 will take you to the United States, specifically Montana, where you have to build up a rebellion against a dangerous cult.

The gameplay video features a small town in Montana called Fall’s End. At the beginning, you sneak up to a vantage point overlooking a church. Several cult members are holding people hostage, and you’ll have to take them out before more innocent people die. 

The game revolves around a “for-hire” system. Guns-for-hire allies can cover you in combat, and fangs-for-hire, like the dog in the video above, can tag enemy locations and retrieve weapons for you to use. There’s also a friend-for-hire, or cooperative mode. A friend can join in on the fun and help you take out cultists throughout Hope County.

Most of your combat encounters will be on foot, but you can also take to the sky and use airplanes to wreak havoc across a large section of land. You’ll also have some off-road trucks to tear up the countryside, and you can even use farming vehicles to kill enemies in style. 

We’ll have more information about the game when we try it out later this week at E3. If you’re not at the show, you’ll have to wait until Feb. 27, 2018 if you want to take on the cultists of Hope County.

  • Anders235
    Game of the Year candidate no doubt.
  • mrpijey
    This will be fun!
  • dstarr3
    Looks like the familiar Far Cry formula, with a couple appropriate tweaks and additions. Doubt it's a new FC3, but should be better than FC4, at least!
    yea look pretty bad..........