IBM to Do Nvidia Fermi-filled BladeCenter Server

Owners of the latest Nvidia graphics cards know that Fermi is pretty great at pushing pixels, but GPUs these days have some fairly strong industrial purposes too.

At the GPU Technology Conference last month, an Nvidia Fermi-based IBM server expansion blade was on display. It hasn't yet been formally announced, but it appears to be a single Fermi GPU (perhaps of Quadro variety) with 6GB of RAM that'll fit into a BladeCenter chassis of the E, H, and S varieties.

Check out more from the video below from Gabriel Consulting, along with the report on the Register.

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  • nevertell
    Nobody gives a damn if it was hot in a consumer based box, now it will sit still in an airconditioned room with the fans running on 100% and IT IS NOT GOING TO BOTHER ANYBODY.

    Except for the dudes with the bills to pay. It's going to bother them.
  • mavroxur
    rohitbaranYeah, the air conditioning bills will just shoot up!

    And with a more dense, powerful computing solution in your data center, your server count could be decreased, so actually saving cost if you look at the bigger picture.
  • ceteras
    I'm impressed. I call these avant-garde computing solutions, using the latest technology in a flexible way.
    I wouldn't be concerned with heat, the blades have a proper heatsink, and in the future this could be upgraded to cooler versions of GPU's.
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  • alyoshka
    hmmmm Massive heat servers..... They ought to start think of Kitchens with the Fermi....
  • alyoshka
    Fairly Industrial??? I might get bombed by a drone for the heat signatures this thing is giving out....
  • alyoshka
    E, H & S Varieties..... what does that imply n Fermi standards.....
    E - Edible Hot
    H - Hot
    S - Super Hot