Watch Us Play 'Fortnite'

Before you head out for the weekend, end your workday with us as we showcase yet another game for our weekly Twitch livestream session. This week’s title comes from Epic Games and People Can Fly, which are currently working on an Early Access title called Fortnite, a zombie-based survival game with a heavy focus on base building.

Prior to starting the game, you have to choose from one of four character classes, each of which have specialties in combat, construction, or resource gathering. In order to build your base, you will need to scavenge for resources out in the world. In addition to these resources, you can also find loot that can provide you with a slight advantage in combat.

More materials at your disposal means that you’re able to construct a larger, more formidable base of operations. You can even add traps throughout the base to further slow down the enemy. The real challenge seems to come at night, when large hordes of zombies will attempt to take down your base and kill you. If you manage to work together with your fellow players and continue to repair your haven during the attack, you just might survive the night.

If you want to get in on the Early Access period now, it will cost you at least $60 for the Standard Edition of Fortnite. If you want additional bonuses, such as extra inventory slots, boosts in experience points, or special weapons from the start of the game, you will need to fork over $90 or $150 for the more expensive game packages. If you’re willing to wait until 2018, however, you can play Fortnite for free.

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TypeSurvival, Co-op
DeveloperEpic Games, People Can Fly
PublisherEpic Games
PlatformsWindows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Where To BuyFortnite
Release DateJuly 25, 2017 (Early Access)