'Mercenaries' Expansion For 'Galactic Civilizations III' Introduces Two New Factions, Soldiers For Hire

Less than a year after the release of Galactic Civlizations III, the team at Stardock Entertainment is already working on more content for its latest strategy game with an expansion called Mercenaries. In addition to a new campaign, it will include the ability to recruit special units and introduce two other factions.

As the name of the expansion suggests, you will be able to hire mercenaries throughout the intergalactic bazaars in the galaxy. These soldiers-for-hire are also a crucial part of the expansion’s campaign, which centers on the Torians, one of the two new factions. The aquatic-based species are attempting to escape a life of slavery under the Drengin Empire, and you must utilize mercenaries to aid the Torians.

Both the Torians and the ancient warrior faction of the Arceans will be playable in Mercenaries, and they'll come with their own unique traits, technology trees and skills.

Mercenaries will come out next month on February 18 and will cost $19.99. Stardock Entertainment is also working on another free update at the same time as the release of the expansion. Update version 1.6 will bring about various changes such as improvements to the AI, visual upgrades and more detailed results after each match.

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