GDC 2008 - Intel Caught Speeding

San Francisco (CA) - Getting pulled over by the Highway Patrol usually means a yellow citation paper. Intel is one of the exhibitors here at GDC and they faked us out with their own very convincing virtual ticket that was given to their Skulltrail systems.

Sadly, a tale of Skulltrail getting a speeding ticket could not end there. Given the fact that Arnold "Talk to the hand, because the head isn't listening" Schwarzenegger was faced with a budget cuts, State of California decided to outsource judicial system to Shanghai, China. So, it seems that Intel's Francois Piednoel, Dan Snyder, and others just have no choice, but to buy their way out of Chinese prisons. We wish them a safe return to US, and in meanwhile, we'll be more than glad to pick up the system and use it for something useful.

Given the fact that the system uses multiple ATI Radeon HD 3870 cards, we wondered would AMD care to comment on what part of Skulltrail was to blame for the yellow piece of paper. Sadly, even after our best efforts, we could not find an AMD rep that wanted to comment, but as we hear that Phenoms still operate with a handbrake, there is no yellow-ticket danger for lovely folk over at AMD.