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Nvidia GeForce Experience 3.6 Adds Support For OpenGL And Vulkan

Nvidia released the newest version of GeForce Experience, bringing the handy companion tool up to version 3.6.

In addition to optimizing the graphics settings of all the supported games installed on your system, this update adds gameplay recording and broadcasting support for OpenGL and Vulkan games. This means that all screenshot, video, and broadcast functions are enhanced by the addition of support for native OpenGL and Vulkan. It also means you can now use ShadowPlay with a press of a hotkey to record and stream your Doom and Minecraft gameplay at 4K 60fps.

Other improvements include a unified Broadcast screen as well as a new Video and Screenshot upload interface. YouTube and Twitch streamers can now control all broadcast options from a single screen, and log in to all services from the same location.

Furthermore, improvements have been made to the Gallery, with the addition of an upload history screen that displays all prior uploads and locations as well as a new button that allows you to instantly jump to the file location of a screenshot or video in Windows Explorer.

You can download GeForce Experience 3.6 from Nvidia's website.