Apple's Gold iPhone 5S Shows Up in Leaked Photos

Last week the web lit up with rumors of a gold iPhone 5S. Word on the street was Apple was prepping a champagne-colored iPhone 5S to be offered alongside the vanilla black and white options. Just a few days later, we've got our first glimpse of what this gold iPhone might look like. The photo below comes from parts dealer Moumantai and was published on Japanese tech blog ASCII Plus (via Apple Insider):


As you can see, the gold iPhone 5S isn't nearly as flashy as it could be. The gold coloring is very subtle, which is probably a good thing. The last thing Apple would want is for people to think of any of its products as 'tacky.' Though Cupertino obviously hasn't commented on any of these reports, the company is expected to announce the new iPhone 5S on September 10.

If other rumors prove true, the gold iPhone 5S won't be the only new color we see in this year's iPhone line up. Also rumored for a September 10 unveiling is a budget iPhone called the iPhone 5C. This model is thought to have a plastic casing and will apparently come in a range of different colors (much like Apple's iPod line).

  • burnley14
    I don't think "gold" is an accurate description of the color in the picture, champagne as described in the story is much more accurate. Hopefully this is what it will really look like, and not some obscenely flashy, gaudy gold. The champagne/platinum color actually looks quite nice.
  • Onus
    "Leaked???" or "RELEASED!??." I don't need to see "leaked" unless the article also indicates who was fired for it, or (as in this case), being sued for breaking NDA.
  • weierstrass
    Thats a nice colour, also used is some expensive watches.
  • stoogie
    Changing the color doesn't make it perform better.
  • bmwman91
    Champagne colored.....well, at least they are being obvious about which demographic they are targeting now.
  • flyingpete
    Looks suspicious, the "gold" one lacks any of the standard text on the back cover that the black and white ones have
  • ap3x
    Well Silver Stone Technology has a case called the FT03T and it is the exact same color as that and they call it Titanium. Very cool case imo and I think the phone should be interesting as long as they keep it simple in the front and not do something stupid.
  • acadia11
    I have to say i'm not buying this. I love my bberry z10, it's a shame , bberry is trying to shed this wrap of not being cutting edge, but the z10 is freaking awesome phone, best OS, I've used on mobile phone thus far in terms of moving from here to there in least amount of strokes, best touch keyboard, and best browser.
  • Avus
    People who drive their boring "Beige" Camry/Corolla will love this iPhone color...
  • del35
    Magical color. If you can't innovate, just splash a different color on it.