'Bug' Sees Google Corporate Changed to Chinese

The Guardian reports that some Internet users searching Google for information on Google executives were given an English link to "Corporate Information – Google Management" which took them to a page with the information all in Chinese – http://www.google.com/corporate/execs.html. The company's corporate site www.google.com/corporate, was also in Chinese.

According to the Guardian, the problem only occurred in some areas, but could be reproduced after the cookies were deleted and when the private browsing mode was turned on. Originally though to be the result of hacking, Google was quick to label the problem as a 'bug.'

"This is not a hack but rather a bug affecting the language displayed to some users, and we are working to fix it soon," a Google said.

On Monday Google shut down its Chinese portal, google.cn and announced that it would be offering uncensored search results in simplified Chinese through google.com.hk.

*Image via the Guardian

  • Memoscorp
    What a weird "coincidence".
  • whenwhere
    funny - a bug!!!
  • phoenix777
    too many news involving google and china lately -.-
  • randomizer
    It's a feature, not a bug
  • Parsian
    google should google bomb china with their censored materials
  • coolgod
    lol, i remember that from world of goo :)
  • hunter315
    coincidental timing on that bug, but i do believe it to be a bug, my high school had a problem with google.com redirecting to various random languages for a while, it was pretty interesting.
  • 7amood
    how about it's not a bug... it was done by china and they are cursing the execs in their own language (which obviously we do not understand)...
  • JohnnyLucky
    It just makes you want to go hmmmmmmm.......
  • pug_s
    Those google hackers are at it again.