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Google Glass Updated with More RAM, Improved Battery

Google's annual developer conference kicks off a little bit later today and the keynote is expected to yield some pretty tasty treats. However, Google gave us a little taste of the good stuff last night when it announced that new models of Google Glass will ship with more memory. The search giant’s smart glasses will now ship with 2 GB of RAM as well as improved battery life. The current technical specifications for the Explore units include a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SoC (dual core 1.2 GHz), a 640x360 Himax HX7309 display, a 5-megapixel camera, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, 12 GB of usable storage, ad a bone conduction audio transducer.

Of course, the aforementioned improvements to battery and RAM aren’t much use to those that already own a Google Glass unit, but software upgrades are easily applied to Explorer versions of the glasses and Google’s been working to improve Glass since the Explorer Program kicked off in April of last year. The company has been listening to Explorers’ feedback regarding the HMD and members have been asking for an easier way to frame photos as well as more Google Now cards, so Google is adding both of those highly-requested features this week (the new cards cover package delivery and the location of your parked car). Google also announced new Glassware including Runtastic, The Guardian, Duolingo, Zombies, Run!, Shazam, and Livestream.

No doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more about Google Glass in just a few hours’ time, so stay tuned for more from Google I/O. We’re also hoping for some new info on Project Tango, Projet Ara, and Android Wear as well as a new version of Android and possibly a new Nexus tablet. It's going to be an exciting morning!

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