Google Adds Breaking Bad, Luther to UK Play Store

Google has added a host of new content for Android users in the UK. The new additions include Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy, Homeland, and Family Guy. Google announced the new content via its official Google UK G+ account, reminding users that individual episodes will set you back £1.89 for standard definition content, while HD content is charged at £2.49. Alternatively, you could buy a season pass for access to the whole series. Check the list of new shows below:

- ABC Studios: Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge
- BBC: Doctor Who, Luther
- Discovery: Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design
- eOne: Peppa Pig, The Walking Dead
- Lionsgate: Weeds
- Fox: Family Guy, Homeland
- National Geographic: Explorer, Banged Up Abroad
- NBCUniversal: House, Suits
- Sony Pictures Home Entertainment: Breaking Bad, Justified
- Turner: Robot Chicken, The Amazing World of Gumball
- Warner Bros.: Arrow, The Big Bang Theory

Google's announcement comes just one week after the company announced its brand new Chromecast streamer. Chromecast costs $35 in the United States and is a media streaming adapter. The 2-inch dongle connects to your TV via the HDMI port and streams audio/video content over WiFi, allowing the user to stream content to their TV from either the Chrome browser or from their mobile phone or tablet. The device is already selling out in the USA, depsite only launching a week ago, and Google said it's working on making the Chromecast available internationally "as soon as possible."