Google Reportedly Ups Glass Production

Google Glass is probably one of the more innovative bits of wearable technology we've seen in a while and, in preparation for another round of limited distribution, Google is reportedly upping their production of the face-hugging computer.

While the device still isn't slated to be released to the public until next year, the company has been said to be increasing their output substantially.

So far only about 10,000 bits have been released; the company's been modifying their design and improving the hardware based on that feedback. Current users will be allowed to upgrade their current tech, and will be able to invite up to three friends to buy a set too.

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  • TwoBridges
    Cannot wait to buy a Google Glass! I have read so many times on forums posted by apple fanatics how they would punch anyone who comes up to them with these on.

    I cannot wait to wear these in public and have some apple fanboi come up to me looking for a fight. They will need Obamacare to treat their multiple injuries I will inflict on them if they make the slightest aggressive move towards me.

    hooah for wearable tech!
  • stevejnb
    Twobridges, your posts make me root for any Apple fanatic who is deranged enough to walk up to you and want to punch you in the face... And I generally don't root for Apple fanatics.

    That said, good stuff. My thought is, this is going to be the next big thing - Google's iPad. We'll see, since I know predictions like that are tossed out like mad, but this is a neat device that has a real shot at being a game changer for how a decent segment of the population uses technology.
  • TwoBridges

    The number of times I have read posts threatening to attack google glass wearers is ridiculous. Those people need to be put in their place.

    That said, I will buy this tech for numerous reasons but I do hope some apple fanatic does attempt something aggressive. They are in for a painful 6 months of recovery.