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Keychron is a well-known maker of keyboards and we've had the pleasure of reviewing several of their keyboards over the years, but today's deal we haven't covered before. But, this is an excellent price for a budget keyboard from a reputable keyboard manufacturer. 

The Keychron C3 Pro is currently for sale on Amazon for $36, it is not the lowest price this keyboard has been, but it is still competitively priced for a TKL keyboard. The keyboard itself features a TKL - tenkeyless layout that drops the number pad from the keyboard, decreasing its size substantially. This is great for a gaming keyboard, but you might miss the number pad if you want to use the keyboard for work or spreadsheets.

With all 87 keys programmable thanks to open-source QMK / VIA software, you can configure the Keychron C3 to your specific liking and bind any of the keys to perform whatever task you desire. This is fantastic for gaming, but can obviously be useful for any task you want to perform where shortcuts could come in handy. 

Keychron C3 Pro Gaming Keyboard: now $36 at Amazon

Keychron C3 Pro Gaming Keyboard: now $36 at Amazon (was $49)
A budget gaming keyboard from Keychron that features red backlighting, shine-through double-shot ABS keycaps, and full key programmability through QMK / VIA open-source software. The Keychron C3 Pro uses a TKL layout for a smaller footprint. 

The Keychron C3 Pro is not fully RGB but does have 14 types of red backlighting to help you see the keys in a darkened environment and add a bit of that gamified flare to your setup. The keycaps are double-shot ABS and have plenty of shine-through to let the red light show. Speaking of the keys, they are all connected to Red Switches for a linear typing experience. 

Although only asking for a budget price, the Keychron C3 Pro uses a gasket mount structure to reduce sound resonance whilst typing and also includes sound-absorbing foam in the case to provide you with a quieter typing experience and reduce any hollow sounds.

Connectivity to your computer is provided by a USB-C cable, and this keyboard can switch between Mac OS and Windows easily and even contains universal keycaps for these systems in the box. Other features of the Keychron C3 Pro include 1000Hz polling and n-key rollover for simultaneous key presses.

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    I think they forgot the number pad on that keyboard! :eek:

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