Tom's Guide: 10 Greeting Card Apps for iOS and Android

Sending a card is a bit of an inconvenience. You have to go to the store, pick out the perfect one, write it, and then mail it, and you're pretty organized if you manage to do it all in one shot. However, as it with most things, there's an app for that. Actually, there's a whole bunch of them, regardless of the platform your phone is running on. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of 10 greeting card apps ranging from the simple ecard to services that will actually mail a physical card to the recipient for a small fee. Check them out in '10 Greeting Card Apps for iOS and Android.'

Need to send a rush greeting card to a friend? Want to send season's greetings or a happy New Year to a relative halfway around the world? Well, there's a wealth of apps on the mobile front that can do the job for you. Whether you want to send a neat looking card or picture message, or you want to go all out with a customized, personalized ecard, animation, or physical post card, mobile devs are happy to provide. Check out these 10 greeting card apps for Android and iOS.10 Greeting Card Apps for iOS and Android

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  • fuzzion
    I thought CES meant Apple free week?
  • Nick Brick
    good to see, but there are many nice Apps available for American Holidays Greetings. like Season's Greetings 2014