Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 PCB Blueprint Leaked?

The GeForce GTX 460 is the Fermi that many of you were waiting for, and it was worth the wait. Nvidia isn't stopping there, however, as there are rumblings of a GeForce GTS 450 coming down the pipe.

Someone on the Chinese forum PCinlife posted a PCB design drawing of an unreleased and unannounced Nvidia card, which many believe is an upcoming GF106 chip.

Expreview notes that the front side can be equipped with 6 memory chips for 768MB. The card also appears to features 3+1 phase power design, a 6pin power connector, a SLI connector, and dual DVI+Mini-HDMI output. The site also notes that it'll also supposedly be released in August and card markers will be making up their own designs rather than following Nvidia's reference.

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  • hardcore_gamer
    hope its another good fermi card like the 460
  • unknown_13
    I think it will line up with the 5770. And yes, it seems promising.... continue the good work Nvidia, GF104 is a very good chip. Hope this will start price wars:)
  • rohitbaran
    768 MB? Heck the GTS 250 used to come with 1 GB memory.
  • Other Comments
  • lutel
    It quicken my pulse.
  • hardcore_gamer
    hope its another good fermi card like the 460
  • atamarashi
    Seems promising... I'm guessing that this would line up with the HD5830/5770?