Hitman Beta Arrives Feb 12 On PS4, Feb 19 On PC

The new Hitman is coming on March 11, and IO Interactive has a beta session planned for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms throughout the next two weeks.

A new trailer shows off more gameplay from the upcoming beta. However, this beta session is different than others. In addition to testing the game’s stress and stability with many players, the beta sets up the events of Hitman. Appropriately titled the Hitman Prologue, you’ll get a glimpse of Agent 47’s “interview” process with the International Contract Agency.

The beta will start with a tutorial that introduces new gameplay mechanics. After that, you’ll have two assassination missions. Both of the missions include multiple routes to the target, so you can replay it again and find a new way to kill the mark.

If you plan to play the game on the PlayStation 4, the beta starts on Friday, Feb. 12 and ends on Feb. 15. The PC beta starts on Feb. 19 (a few days after the end of the PS4 beta) and ends on Feb. 22. If you’re an Xbox One player, you’ll have to wait until the March 11 launch date to get your hands on the game.

If you want to play the beta, you’ll obviously have to pre-order the game. For those that don’t want to pre-order the game and still play the early missions, the developers noted that the Prologue missions are included in the final version of the game.

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  • elcentral
    are you playing from the campaign ? if so how little of the 1/8 of a game can you show in a beta from a episodic game ?