Super-Thin iMac May Be Delayed Months to 2013

Construction difficulties could delay the release of Apple's 5mm-thin, all-in-one iMac system until early 2013.

The desktop's 'friction-stir welding' technique delivers the seamless edges to the new iMac. However, according to a commercial source, it's the sole reason that could be causing delays in the manufacturing process.

The insider states that Apple had scheduled a November 27 launch for the new 21-inch model, but has now been forced to delay it until the opening stages of 2013.

Previously used to assemble airplane wings, the friction-stir welding technique utilizes thousands of pounds of pressure and heat to fuse two pieces of aluminum together -- it's the first time the technology has been used for computer manufacturing.

Meanwhile, Apple has yet to adjust its launch schedule for forthcoming iMac models. The company's online store lists the 21.5-inch iMac for a November release, with the 27-inch model is still scheduled for a December debut.

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  • alvine
    posted by no other than Zak
  • -Jackson
    Super-Thin iCare will not undergo production.
  • friskiest
    Uhmm,. I don't have own an iMac (or any AIO) but I've used one before,.

    I don't see the point of making it thinner on the sides when you'll use it facing the front 99% of the time,.

    Just keep the same dimensions,. cram in even faster hardware and better cooling,. a fully-pegged HDD on those enclosure could run cooler.
  • 5mm?? Seems incredibly thin for a 'real' x86 PC, or is it going to be a giant iPad with a keyboard and mouse?
  • ushyperion
    iDon't Care
  • tburns1
    Can't wait for the 'i' products to be so thin that they aren't even there. ;)

    Seriously though, if they lower prices and stop being so pompous (i.e. the Steve-o legacy dies out), I might consider an 'i' product.

    Well ...on second thoughts, no ...probably not gonna happen.
  • wolley74
    if you look at the picture, the edge is 5mm, the back is same as it always was, just a thicker part with a curve
  • Pennanen
    Wolley74if you look at the picture, the edge is 5mm, the back is same as it always was, just a thicker part with a curveAnd this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you feed your sheep.
  • blakbird24
    Seeing as an i3 + PCB is by itself more than 5mm in depth, either this will be ARM-based, or they will simply have the guts in the base instead of behind the screen.

    Or the 5mm is a marketing ploy (something like 5mm at it's thinnest point...etc).
  • nforce4max
    Bad iDea considering it might not be serviceable at all and sure there will be plenty of people to buy it but in the long run buyer beware if it breaks or needs upgrades.