Apple Sued Over iOS 6's Passbook Feature

Software developer Ameranth is suing Apple over charges relating to iOS 6's Passbook app violating several of its patents.

Ameranth, a company that sells services and software to the gaming and hospitality industry, states that Passbook violates a total of four of its U.S. patents: No. 6,384,850, No. 6,871,325, No. 6,982,733 and No. 8,146,077.

The above patents deal with "Information management and synchronous communications system," which includes the likes of the ability to synchronize data among wireless, wired and Web-based systems pertaining to electronic menus, as well as reservations for businesses such as restaurants.

Ameranth refers to Passbook being able to download and store "airline boarding passes, hotel reservations, movie tickets, and event tickets", with the software developer also claiming that Apple is aware of the patents apparently being violated.

"One of the Ameranth patents-in-suit, U.S. Patent No. 6,384,850 -- the first patent issued in this Ameranth patent family -- was cited as a prior art reference in two Apple iPhone patents issued to named inventors Bas Ording and Steven P. Jobs," said the court filing. "Also, three of the patents in this Ameranth patent family have been asserted in several patent enforcement actions against Apple business partners."

The firm added that it is looking for triple the amount of damages it has endured due to Apple's alleged infringement.

iOS 6 introduced the Passbook app which allows iDevice users to synchronize, as well as save electronic copies of boarding passes, tickets, coupons and loyalty cards.

The aforementioned lawsuit doesn't represent the end of Apple's legal woes, though. Earlier on, Samsung, as promised, sued the world's most valuable company (and the world's largest hedge fund) over alleged patent infringements in the iPhone 5. That was preceded by a further blow to Apple in the form of its injunction against the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 getting overturned.

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  • memadmax
    Whomever patented round corners needs to join in on the fun as well.
  • pyoverdin
    Sooner or later Apple will just sue the patent office for infringing upon Apple's patented patenting process. Copy and sue who copies you.
  • bllue
    We need more companies suing Apple
  • officeguy
    Now their legal department has something to do now.
  • dont need to use an iphone 5 to violate Ameranth patents.. but its against Apple, so that makes it ok i guess
  • bllueWe need more companies suing AppleApple juice companies should join in the mix...
  • shafe88
    officeguyNow their legal department has something to do now. Their legal department don't need something to do, when their already busy finding companies for apple to sue.
  • curiosul
    pyoverdinSooner or later Apple will just sue the patent office for infringing upon Apple's patented patenting process. Copy and sue who copies you.
    That would be IBM actually:,11868.html
  • techslave3
    Apple should sue itself. Either way the company will come out a winner.
  • acadia11
    Apple brought this on itself.