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Fired iOS Chief "Got What He Deserved", Says Ex-Apple Exec

Former Apple executive Tony Fadell believes ex-iOS chief Scott Forstall "got what he deserved" following his sacking.

Fadell worked on creating the iPod, but left Apple in 2008 due to purported clashes between him and Forstall over the hardware of the original iPhone.

Forstall is said to have been fired from Apple alongside the departure of retail head John Browett. The former was rumored to have been sacked for refusing to sign an apology letter for the firm's abysmal maps app.

"I think what happened just a few weeks back was deserved and justified and it happened," Fadell said. "If you read some of the reports, people were cheering in Cupertino when that event happened," he added, referring to Apple's California headquarters.

"So, I think Apple is in a great space, it has great products and there are amazing people at the company, and those people actually have a chance to have a firm footing now and continue the legacy Steve [Jobs] left."

Fadell is currently the CEO of Nest, a firm that creates thermostats controlling the temperature of one's house by using a tablet or smartphone.

Elsewhere, Apple reportedly fired another executive recently, Richard Williamson, a former employee who was involved in the preparation and launch of the company's mapping software.

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