GameDock Turns Your iOS Device Into Old-School Console

If the successes of games like Angry Birds and projects such as Ouya have taught us anything, it's that mobile gaming is on the rise. And with hardware advancements in mobile devices getting better and better, there's no stopping the mobile gaming movement. Unfortunately for the console-minded, there's just something about flicking and poking touchscreens that can't hold up to a good old controller. 

Projects such as OnLive, Ouya and a number of smartphone-capable controllers may remedy this setback, but none of them do it with such a retro flare as the GameDock created by the Oregon-based Cascadia Games. The project landed on Kickstarter just a month ago, but the funding goal of $50,000 has already been surpassed with 15 days to go at the time of this writing.

While the Ouya system provides users with a sleek interface and cutting edge controllers, GameDock provides an awesomely nostalgic gaming experience in the form of NES-like controllers and retro-flavored gaming options. All you need to do is place your iDevice in the dock like an old-school cartridge, hook the system up via an HDMI port and you are good to go.

GameDock allows up to two controllers and is compatible with a large number of iCade apps (with no more than two action and menu buttons). In addition, the team is working on a dashboard app to compile a neat list of all compatible games. While there may be a few other options when it comes to getting your retro gaming fix such as emulator apps, GameDock does it all in a neat little package. If you act before August 16, you can get your own GameDock for $100, or one with two controllers and an HDMI cable for $125.

Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.
  • Pennanen
    Or you could use that 100$ and buy a wii that also lets you play old games. Even better if you get yourself emulator for pc, its free.
  • officeguy
    Yeah, but you can't carry around your PC and wii everywhere you go.
  • koikkis
    @officeguy: Can you carry dock, phone, controllers, cables and the monitor with you?
  • tanjo
    Or add $200 and buy a fkin real console?
  • kawininjazx
    Or for free you can root your android device, link a PS3 controller, and play all the emulators your want via micro-HDMI to your TV. Yes it's free and it works perfectly. You can also pay a few bucks for more flashy emulators if you want. I applaud them for trying to do something like this, but it's not like you are playing NES games, you are playing "iCade" games.

    I also have my new Nexus 7 linked up like this (minues the HDMI, but the screen is big enough), it even plays PS1 games perfectly.
  • classzero
    If it was Android everyone would be pre ordering it!
  • drethon
    officeguyYeah, but you can't carry around your PC and wii everywhere you go.
    Last I heard laptops are designed to be portable...
  • dark_lord69
    " with two controllers and an HDMI cable for $125"

    Why would I want an old console when I don't even have enough time to play all of today's greatest games...
    I need to finish God of War 3, the newest Zelda, the newest Metroid, and serveral other really good games I don't have time for.
  • spookyman
    And why do I want to pay for the game?

    With an emulater I can get a rom of the game and play it on the PC.
  • ricdiculus
    M.A.M.E. a ps3 controller and Asus tf101. Works quite well and still pretty portable. Like the nintendo theme of this. seems like a good solution for phones