Apple Pushes iOS Fix for Battery Drain, Exchange Bug

On Tuesday, Apple released another incremental update for iOS, bringing the platform up to v6.1.2. According to the update note, this patch fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life. Previously the company released v6.1.1 which addressed a 3G connectivity issue specifically affecting iPhone 4S owners.

So far it's unknown if this latest patch officially fixes a security bug brought on by v6.1 that allows anyone to bypass the lockscreen. A hacker supposedly can't reach the Home screen, but does have access to contacts and photos stored on the device. Steps to achieve access include accessing the emergency call section, putting the device on stand-by mode and more.

Despite the cool new features it brought to iPhone users, the iOS v6.0 update seemingly brought on a handful of unwelcome problems like the previously mentioned security flaw, excessive battery drain and overheating, 3G connectivity and Microsoft Exchange issues. Two European networks warned customers not to upgrade while Microsoft said to ban updated phones from accessing Exchange servers until Apple resolves the issues.

The update launched last week, v6.1.1, was only released for iPhone 4S models to address the 3G connectivity issue. Annoyed customers thus flocked to the forums nevertheless and complained about persistent battery and Exchange problems despite the patch. Apple even stated that it was only meant to clear up the 3G problems on iPhone 4S.

While this latest patch reportedly fixes problems with Exchange and excessive battery drain, there's a question as to whether Apple addressed the security lock screen problem. ZDNet reports that it attempted to follow the bypass process and was unsuccessful, but Ars Technica reports that it was able to successfully bypass the lock screen after the update.

According to a report on iPhoneHacks, the evad3rs dev team has confirmed that the new iOS update has been jailbroken using the evasi0n tool. A new version of the tool, v1.4, for iOS 6.1.2 will be released sometime on Tuesday here. The team also confirmed that v6.1.2 does not fix the passcode security flaw.


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  • supaxui
    lost my iphone 4s, now its someone elses problem
  • lockhrt999
    23 mb patch to fix a bug? I've gotta say it was a fat bug then.
  • TheBigTroll
    lets hope that this doesnt cause more bugs.
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  • TunaSoda
    Sitting here with my android phone that has a 3100mAh battery in it laughing...
  • TheBigTroll
    lets hope that this doesnt cause more bugs.
  • supaxui
    lost my iphone 4s, now its someone elses problem