iOS 6.1.1 Doesn't Fix iPhone 4S Battery Issue, Adds Problems

Sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back for not updating the OS. That might be a loaded statement given updates are supposed to fix bugs and make a platform more secure, but we've seen our share of update blunders that can kill performance, break features and even brick gadgets altogether.

Apple's latest iOS release, v6.1.1, supposedly addressed the iPhone 4S model and 3G connection issues brought on by the previous release. According to the company, the patch "fixes an issue that could impact cellular performance and reliability for iPhone 4S." Apple didn't specify the exact nature of the "issue".

However this week iPhone 4S owners have flooded various forum threads with complaints about persistent battery drain issues. Previously this latest patch was believed to include a fix for the drain, but iPhone 4S owners claim their devices are not only seeing high-battery loss, but overheating.

"iOS 6 was seamless for my phone and I experienced no issues," one forum member wrote. "When I converted to 6.1, the battery retained about 30 percent of its usual lifespan– and overheats. 6.1.1 hasn’t improved the situation."

The latest iOS update also didn't fix a security bug brought on by v6.1 that allows anyone to bypass the lockscreen. The hacker doesn't reach the Home screen, but does have access to contacts and photos stored on the device. Steps to achieve access include accessing the emergency call section, putting the device on stand-by mode and more.

The update also didn't fix a problem surrounding iPhone 4S users connecting and syncing with Microsoft Exchange servers. Microsoft told network administrators to merely block those devices from have access. Apple said it identified the problem and would release a fix.

On Friday German website iPhone-Ticker said that Apple is gearing up to release iOS v6.1.2 that will address all the problems listed in this report. The update is expected to land early next week, but the report claims that it may not appear until Thursday or later based on information provided by carriers.

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  • ikyung
    and... their consumer satisfaction polls are constantly dropping day by day.
  • rohitbaran
    That's Apple's way of telling that icrap 4s is obsolete, buy latest icrap 5.
  • boogalooelectric
    My wife was complaining about it just last night. After the update she reported that she has to charge it every day, before that it was every two or three days. tsk, tsk
  • wannabepro
    Zak Islam not posting Apple news?

    Oh wait.. Apple pays him to post pro-crApple.
  • glasssplinter
    Wait...I thought crapple didn't have any problems...
  • Soda-88
    I laughed.
  • pacomac
    What is this shit? IOS6.1.1 extended my battery performance big time... I guess someone is making up stories again?
  • zorky9
    pacomacWhat is this shit? IOS6.1.1 extended my battery performance big time... I guess someone is making up stories again?No Zak. It's being reported in a lot of forums.
  • AndrewMD
    wannabeproWhat?? Zak Islam not posting Apple news?Oh wait.. Apple pays him to post pro-crApple.
    Seriously, STFU..
  • AndrewMD
    glasssplinterWait...I thought crapple didn't have any problems...
    It might not be flawless, but at least Apple is actively supporting it's product unlike some other manufactures....