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QOTD: How Much Would You Pay for an iPad?

The iPad is hitting stores tomorrow and although many feel the product lacks in the features department, analysts are predicting Apple will sell between 6-10 million of these babies in 2010 alone.

Still, 10 million isn't everyone on the planet so there are a lot of people who aren't buying an iPad for one reason or another. Some think it lacks obvious features that will likely be added to the next iteration (à la the iPhone); others don't like the fact that it doesn't run a full OS, can't multitask and doesn't have a camera.

Though their reasons may be different, there are a lot of people who can't justify spending between $500 and $800 for the device. So today's Question of the Day is: How much do you think the iPad should be sold for? (feel free to break it down by storage and 3G too.)