Lengthy Shipping Schedule For iPhone 5 Supply Improving

According to research firm BTIG, iPhone 5 production is finally catching up with consumer demand in the United States.

Wireless providers offering Apple's latest smartphone now showcase a ship-by date that is around one week away. The Apple shipping schedule, meanwhile, remains at 3 to 4 weeks, BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk noted.

However, Piecyk stated that the move could be a strategic one from Apple in order to get more consumers to visit their successful brick-and-mortar stores.

"Apple might be trying to induce their customers to reserve a phone for next day pick up at one of their retail stores in the hopes of capturing additional sales," he said. "The reservation policy is the same for the iPad mini, but we have been able to find iPad mini inventory increasingly available in the handful of stores that we called."

Piecyk added that it's too soon to exactly know whether the shortened shipping time means consumers are becoming less interested in buying the device or if Apple simply increased its production.

Either way, the iPhone 5's production delays is said to have negatively affected Apple's financial results. Its manufacturing supplier, Foxconn, admitted that the smartphone is the the most difficult device it's ever produced, as well as saying they can't keep up with production demand.

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  • pckitty4427
    Oh Zak...
  • mailpranshu
    No offense. But Zak Islam just reports the news.

    Its common sense that reporters have different beats. His is Apple. So why is everyone trolling on him?

    I feel his articles are precise and too the point. Just because trolling on Apple is the norm at the moment DOES NOT MEAN you can troll on people just doing their jobs.

    Leave him alone. Its obvious that the next person reporting on Apple will be trolled also.

    I am not a apple fan or own anything related to apple btw.
  • ddpruitt
    whether the shortened shipping time means consumers are becoming less interested in buying the device or if Apple simply increased its production.

    Most intelligent thing I've heard in weeks (regardless of topic). I'm curious to see what the number produced and number sold figures are, I'm sure will never get accurate numbers though.
  • A Bad Day
    I have a feeling that Tom's Hardware's upper management told Zak to focus on Apple.
  • namedandclaimed
    I'm tired of reading about the 20 different incarnations of the S3 so when I see an article is about the S3 I don't read it. Tough concept for the iHaters to understand. http://www.poci.info/
  • murzar
    So what does this exactly mean, is the production increasing or the demand decreasing?
  • murzar
    murzarSo what does this exactly mean, is the production increasing or the demand decreasing?
    I meant, this is what the writers of TH are supposed to do, give a clear idea. I could have got this information from CNET. I am here for the 'expert's' opinion. You have just copied and pasted the information from CNET.
  • freggo
    Too late Apple, already bought a Samsung phone and I am very happy with it :-)
  • seinfeld
    its catching up, because no one is buying them. They suck balls. I bought a 3 before 3G was released in Australia. then I upgraded to a Iphone 4 to get 3G and because the headphone jack was screwed and was 2 days out of warranty. and I have had this Iphone 4 phone for 22 months. a week ago the Samsung note 2 got released for pre order. so I ll have it in 3 days time YEY. I even paid a $200 out of contract fee cause I did it 2 months early. but after picking one up (android jelly bean), and realizing I could run VLC, I wouldnt have to sit on my pc with programs that convert crap onto the limited format file types media, flash, I could even use remote programs to check on my PC . that Iphone wouldnt let me do. Iphone no Flash, no PDF .

    Its just a logical step to get away from apple now. their design hasnt changed since the Iphone 4. they all look similar. and you are paying more. The software is restrictive to the point its retarded you have to risk bricking your phone just to jailbreak it
    but apple pole smokers. just can't take it out of their mouths to see what its like when they do. they feel if they remove the Big Black rooster (aka Coc#) that is apple that they will die. maybe they will. and you will be free to smoke the Bigger whiter rooster (aka samsung's coc#) But I am a guy that will buy a brand that has the best features, so if Apple bring out a sick phone it 10 years with better software. then ill buy it.
  • acadia11
    It means that the plasticky piece of garbage it is people are finally saying they don't want it. The iphone 5 is the cheapest feeling iphone to date. Pure trash, scratch back, light, give me a nice solidly built phone any day of the week. The iphone 4/4s was the best design they ever created interestingly its the last design involving jobs. Jobs would never let the iphone 5 out the door being the trash that it was, he had better taste.