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SNL Skit Introduces Tech Bloggers to iPhone 5 Factory Staff

When Apple finally announced the iPhone 5 back in September, some people were disappointed by the phone. Following months of rumors, some felt the reality was a bit of a let down. Additionally, there have been a couple of issues with the device, such as Apple Maps, a reported purple haze in some photos, and easily scratched casing, that have elicited complaints from users and the tech press.

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Always on top of the latest issues, Saturday Night Live this past weekend featured an iPhone 5 skit that saw members of the tech press take their complaints directly to the people that work in the factories assembling the device. Three workers take turns shooting down the complaints of three tech bloggers, fictional characters from CNet, Gizmodo, and Wired. Each time a blogger makes a complaint, a factory worker responds with a typical 'first world problem' response.

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Readers from Canada can also see the clip from Global TV.

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