Man Steals iPhone from a Baby

The advent of smartphones means a sizable chunk of the population is now walking around with a piece of electronics worth several hundred dollars on their person at all times. Suffice to say, not everyone is as careful with their phones as they perhaps should be, and thieves seem to target those that keep their phones in less secure locations (like a back pocket). However, a video making the rounds today shows just how far thieves are willing to go.

CNet points to a video posted by the Sun newspaper that shows a man stealing an iPhone from a baby in a stroller. Apparently, Danielle Hinnigan gave her 20-month-old daughter her iPhone so the toddler could watch Barney the Dinosaur while her mother shopped. The video shows a man approaching the stroller and glancing around before bending down to take the phone from the baby. Check it out for yourself below:

Hinnigan, as anyone would be, was disgusted that the thief targeted her daughter. Still, it does remind us of the value of smartphones and that we need to be careful when using them in public. Incidents of people having their phones snatched from their hands while making a call are not unheard of, and how safe do you feel when using Google Maps to navigate to a restaurant or friend's house? What do you do to keep your phone safe while out? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • He stole an iPhone...
  • stingstang
    sorry, I couldn't see what happened because an ad covered The WHOLE SCREEN.
  • alxianthelast
    serves her right for subjected a baby to that kind of mind rotting trash.
  • biggiebody
    lets just ignore the iphone for a second, my question is why is the stroller alone near a strange guy? Why do I not see anyone resembling a mom anywhere near the stroller in the video? Maybe shes on the right side where the video is cut-off but that's still leaves the baby alone near some guy. This could have been a lot worse than just an iphone getting stolen.
  • Martin9630
    why does the baby have an iPhone in the first place?
  • kinggraves
    I'm disgusted that a man would take anything from a baby stroller.

    I'm disgusted none of the many people passing by didn't bother to do anything.

    I'm disgusted that the mother is so incompetent she left her child unattended with an electronic device and sees nothing wrong with her actions.

    I'm disgusted same mother was probably more worried about replacing the phone than glad her baby hadn't been taken instead.

    Have a nice trip to the ER after it swallows the battery. It's people like this that make it so it's required to place a warning that giving a child a plastic bag is a bad idea.
  • bluekoala
    Babies don't need 600$ gadgets for entertainment.
    More importantly, infants shouldn't be left without supervision. The last place you want to see your baby is on a milk carton.
  • excella1221
    How despicable.
    Though, lol at the people who would rather hate and comment on the fact that the item in question is an iPhone instead of the situation itself. The hell.
  • okibrian
    What true dumb @sses some of you are. A low life scum steals from a child and you pathetic trash talking low lifes have to bring up this iPhone trash talking $hit. Get a freak'n life already! Go check out of your mom's house already.
  • bllue
    I keep my phone in my front pocket, it's really the most secure place you can have it. She left her baby unattended, her iPhone gets stolen and the only thing this woman worries about is her damn iPhone? What about her child's safety? Does she not stop and think what could happen?