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5th Generation iPod Touch Teardown: Tough to Repair

Repair experts iFixit has carried out their inevitable teardown of the new iPod Touch, with the firm finding that the device is fairly tough to repair.

They gave the 5th generation iPod Touch a rating of 3 on a repairability scale of 10 (10 being the easiest). While it's not impossible to open up the device's case, the site noted that it's certainly going to take some effort to do so.

The battery is surrounded by notches which leads to a straightforward removal. Elsewhere, though, the microphone, volume buttons, LED flash, as well as the power button are all connected with just a single ribbon cable. In order to repair one of the components, it would result in users having to replace the whole ribbon cable assembly. The Lightning connector, headphone jack and microphone ribbon cable, meanwhile, are soldered to the logic board.

"This is just another example of how Apple is simplifying and grouping the components in its products," iFixit said. "Unfortunately, in doing so, it's inadvertently putting an end to repairability."

The site added that upon comparing the iPod Touch to the iPhone 5's display, it's apparently notable that the former "is a much simpler, cheaper design, despite Apple claiming the two have very similar functionality."

iFixit commended Apple for implementing a stronger home button for the iPhone 5, but they were "somewhat disappointed" with the weaker design of the iPod Touch's home button.

Apple recently started to ship the fifth generation iPod Touch to consumers, as well as making it available on store shelves.

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