IKEA UK Now Selling Solar Panels for Homes

IKEA, supplier of flat-pack furniture and boxed frustration is broadening its horizons. The company this week started selling residential solar panels in its UK retail stores. According to BusinessInsider, IKEA's store in Southampton is the first to sell the solar panels. The rest of the stores will follow suit over the next few months.

Before you get excited, you'll want to consider the cost behind running your home on solar power. BI reports that just one of IKEA's solar panels will cost over five and a half grand, and that's in GBP. The exact price is £5,700. However, for that price, you'll get the 3.36 kilowatt system, an in-store consultation and design service, installation and maintenance, as well as an energy monitoring service. What's more, the UK government offers incentives for those utilizing solar power, including finance plans that allow you to buy the system up front and pay it off in installments.

IKEA does plan to sell solar panels in other countries, but the company hasn't specified as to when that might be.

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  • virtualban
    In a few years, these jewels will have paid for themselves.

    But look at a more positive example... imagine a zombie apocalypse. At least, a few hours a day you can still charge your Android even if everything else fails (assuming iPeople will not be among the surviving crowd).
  • outlw6669
    I am not sure as to price comparisons, but 5700 GBP for a complete system that should be easily able to power an average home (on a sunny day) does not seem like that bad of a deal.
  • boju
    I seen a documentary a couple years ago, someone might recall, research using sort of solar film that could be used as a layer on an entire roof surface. Was quite interesting, don't remember how effective it was or even heard more of it since.

    It was awhile a go seeing it and one thing that stuck in my mind was their comment about how significantly cheaper it was a meter compared to solar panels.